The Vision of ncrease is to inspire and empower a global movement of social entrepreneurs.

Together, we will live passionately, give radically, and create lives of impact, influence, success and significance.

ncrease Social Business Overview

In just the last twenty years, providing solutions to the world’s biggest problems has made a major shift from the unsustainable model of charity work to a revolutionary new business model for change called social business.  Social business combines the unique product technologies and cash flow of a for-profit company with the heart, passion and purpose of a not-for-profit organization, to provide solutions for the world’s biggest problems while creating sustainable income to entrepreneurs.

Social Business can be simply defined – the business of doing well by doing good

Independent Social Business Owners are not motivated only by profit — but see profit as a key to sustainability. 

An untapped opportunity awaits this new breed of entrepreneurs who are relentless in pursuing their financial legacy while living their passion to change the world. 



Get to know our CEO

Karen Hirsch

Karen rose to the top of the Dallas, TX publishing world with the launch of LUXE magazine, the premier architecture and interior design publication. Since then, Karen was the publisher of People Newspapers, an affiliate of D Magazine.  Karen has been in the Direct Selling industry for fifteen years, has risen to the top ranks as an independent representative and seven-figure earner, and has served as the CMO and COO of two successful companies.

Karen´s Favorite Quote

I’m convinced of this: good done anywhere is good done everywhere. . . . As long as you’re breathing, it’s never too late to do some good.”

Maya Angelou